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For the first time ASTECH presents an integrated system solution to measure and calculate the skin pass level and the extension ratio – important parameters to control rolling mills in the steel or non-iron industry. The basic VLM500-DG system is a master-slave combination, consisting of two velocity measuring gauges from the ASTECH VLM500 series. This system communicates the measured skin pass level to a programmable controller via Profinet or EtherNet/IP.

The VLM500-DG system determines the skin pass level from an internal length measurement algorithm which considers all and even the smallest velocity fluctuations. The VLM500-DG system consists of one master and one or two slave VLM500 gauges. The master controls the measurement and skin pass level calculation. Based on the dynamics of the skin pass mill, the master can be programmed with just a few parameters. For this purpose the well-known PC program VLMTool may be used. The most important parameter is the so called update length. It determines the distance in meters between recalculation and update of the skin pass level. Cyclically, after this distance, the master triggers the slaves which send their measured distances back to the master. Based on the update length and the distances measured by the slaves the master calculates and updates the skin pass level. Master and slaves are physically interconnected by a dedicated data cable.

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